What Ideas Can I Add To My Map

Perfect bro. Gimkit Forum has everything!


You can also add side quests for awards. Remember to mark a solution if your question is answered.:white_check_mark:

in my first map i had something called the zones of death and wonder, each zone gives you a notification with some sort of hint and you have to go to the right zone of 2 or 3, or else you die. i also had a fake wall leading to a stupidly hard and convoluted maze i spent like literally an hour making, so u could try that

Seems worth it, I’ll try it

Quack Yeah! Side-quest Seems like the best Idea!

Oh, also add lots of traps, upgrades and lore.

These guides might help:

The game name also seems a bit bland and boring, (no offense) maybe you could come up with a better name?

Yeah, I’ll figure it out. I’m gonna sit in a corner in my house and just wonder

thanks @Dinosawr :grinning:, been wanting to do something with that idea, sure it will go to good use

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No problem, the game is almost complete, just need a couple more things to finish it!

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Btw, I’ve been reading and trying to use this guide!
Got Lore as well

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What? farm? What farm?

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