What Ideas Can I Add To My Map

Yeah, I’ll figure it out. I’m gonna sit in a corner in my house and just wonder

thanks @Dinosawr :grinning:, been wanting to do something with that idea, sure it will go to good use

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No problem, the game is almost complete, just need a couple more things to finish it!

How do i edit the post bro

You can not, your trust level is to low and the post is to old, sorry.

You’re a TL1, so you had an editing period of 1 week. Its past, so you can’t edit it anymore.

Btw, I’ve been reading and trying to use this guide!
Got Lore as well

:skull: Bro, thats like… whyyyyyy

So you can not edit farm, badge farm, or mess up post.

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What? farm? What farm?

means you edit, a lot for no reason and try to earn badges very very easily.

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I edit when i edit to let them know I’ve made a change

That is ok, but that is why those restrictions are a thing.

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Okay you have a point

For those who recommended Minigames (Or things sorta like it) Take a look!
+A Board for your recommondations
Got anymore ideas, let me know

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Add a thing where zones that knock you out if you step in them, move around a room and you have to survive for 10-30 seconds.

Make it a minigame, okay? not a part of the game, a minigame.

maybe a laser grid you have to move thru? like a mini heist game! use secret item that you get somewhere for password, hack into system, and laser evasion

Sure! Wonderful Suggestion!