What Ideas Can I Add To My Map

I got down alot on my map called Sentry attacks, where you battle Sentries and earn money.
So far I got down a Lobby with a bunch of Vending Machines to buy things!
Also I got down some Levels in my game.
The Seven Sea’s (Rated Easy)’
Space Fight (Medium)
The Lab (Hard)
Universe Break (Insane-Extreme) Although this level is Hidden with @Chris10 Item Required Door Idea with a Teleporter!

A Healing Closet. A Closet with no Collision, And a Teleporter in it so you can teleport and Heal!

And the Sentries have diffrent Shield, Health, and Weapons. (Well weapons in Universe Break)

Also when getting into the Universe Break Portal, You can get, Shield Cans and Med-Pack!
A Teleporter to a New Lobby… Not released yet!
A Teleporter to head Back to the Original Lobby!
And a Teleporter to the Fight!
The game is Pretty hard itself, and my Memory is 45% or 46%.

So what else should I add?
Anybody got Ideas?

Thanks to everyone who had Ideas!

Thank you everyone for your wonderful Ideas.
Sentry attack is ready for Beta testing now!


An easter egg showing high scores.


Replace off topic with ideas tag

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That’d Be nice honestly, But I don’t know how to do that. Is there like a guide for that?
Also for the game, the Scores are supposed to be about the Waves/Levels in the game.
So Since I don’t know how to do that yet. scores don’t matter.

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You would have to edit the map each time to update the high score.

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Oh, Now that i understand, Makes since!
Nice idea @getrithekd!


I’m going to wait for other Idea’s @getrithekd. But yours I’m definitely going to add!


Add lore to the game, it can help convey how the attack happen


add a boss at the end
make sentries drop upgraded weapons, cash, more ammo (snowballs heavy shards, etc.) , key cards, or have them be guarding or drop lore (clues to win, etc.)

it seems like a good map but maybe add a storyline
You could have something saying that “you were kidnapped and taken to a mysterious place or such”

Also, small details will take you far, for example, don’t have a plain table have a table ladened with dishes

I would also recommend just having a chill area where the player can rest, and maybe go to the bathroom.
You might be able to put a tiny maze in the chill area if you have enough memory.

Also (pretty sure someone else said this but just gonna add this anyway) have bosses and such. You can have your final boss in your universe break level. Then after beating the boss, you could get a special weapon like a legendary quantum portal.

Also, you could add sprint levels,
In these levels you have people run across a room of sentries with high accuracy and speed but less damage. You should have nothing to hide behind though.
If you want you could add lasers which one shot you if you want into them. If you do this people won’t be able to randomly run across the room.
You could also make the lasers invisible for the universe break level.

For extra spice, you could have levels in which you choose your own path. You could have them choose between fast-firing low-damage or slow-firing high-damage paths.


Bro I love that Idea, I’m doing your Idea, It’s to good to NOT do!

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You and @4r33 Ideas are kind of the same thing. Maybe I can combine them. Nice Idea @Bobthebuilder123

Nice Ideas everyone, I’ll get to adding. However, I’ll keep this up a little longer to see other Ideas


Hm, do you know what setting you would want it to be in? Like underwater? or do you like prehistoric stuff? you could always do a dragon thing or something :slight_smile:

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I have a Couple settings already, for like the lobby, levels.
The Seven Sea’s. (Underwater Already Hoped you guessed)
Space Fight. (In Outerspace)
The Lab. (A Lab with Vine Sentries)
And Universe Break is Work in Progress, But Prehistoric could work, so could dragons. nice idea @Horses_Are_Awesome


A End Of Game Widget would work… Maybe not something going on in the game, but still. Umm… What about some different weapons? They can’t stay the same forever… And maybe a Boss Battle here and there, and a really REALLY big Sentry for boss battles?. IDK.

Good ideas. I’ve added Bosses at the end of my Levels.
But I tried, I couldn’t resize the sentries.
But nice idea!

Maybe an office with some lore? Possibly the very hard impossible level because the player will probably be so busy completing the level instead.


Nice Idea, I was kind of working on that basically.

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