What Ideas Can I Add To My Map

Ohโ€ฆ ok

Donโ€™t worry i can still add other easter eggs. Because their already one easter egg

Maybe add buildable barriers to block sentries. Also, a secret upgrade room would come in handy as well. If you add that, might as well add an energy system.

Bravo my guy, you found your way into the credits board and an Original Idea board.

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make a level that is a maze full of danger like traps that slow you down or knock you out and sentryies that are in lots of places

and a level where there are lots of power-ups like damage and speed and health and there are a lot of sentryies making it fun and different but still a challenge

Genius dude! Gotta add that @you1

Yes! Iโ€ฆ You just earned you a spot on the credits board

And I think someone else had a Maze idea I THINK. But they all are good!

Maybe you could add KillStreaks?

You could also add special boss attacks!

thx for adding me on to the credits!. I had a Idea just now that is a button on the screen like how there is the answer questions in normal gimkit modes but here it could say some thing like go to shop and it teleports you to a area where you can buy weapons and then teleports you to your last check point but this will only work with a game that has check points. ops I forgot to add periods

Iโ€™ll attempt to make that, Itโ€™ll be pretty hard. But Iโ€™ll try!

KillStreaks are a Great Idea, Time to search up a guide!

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Perfect bro. Gimkit Forum has everything!


You can also add side quests for awards. Remember to mark a solution if your question is answered.:white_check_mark:

in my first map i had something called the zones of death and wonder, each zone gives you a notification with some sort of hint and you have to go to the right zone of 2 or 3, or else you die. i also had a fake wall leading to a stupidly hard and convoluted maze i spent like literally an hour making, so u could try that

Seems worth it, Iโ€™ll try it

Quack Yeah! Side-quest Seems like the best Idea!

Oh, also add lots of traps, upgrades and lore.

These guides might help:

The game name also seems a bit bland and boring, (no offense) maybe you could come up with a better name?