What Ideas Can I Add To My Map

Thanks for that guide! I’ll make sure to read it!

Universe Break Level switched with Sandy Shore, Universe Break will be the Extreme level

So the Levels Rarity are this Now

The Seven Seas (Easy)
Space Fight (Medium)
The Lab (Hard)
Sandy Shores (Insane)
Universe Break (Extreme)

what about a room full of buttons?you know like a escape room?

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:exploding_head: Oh Ma Gawdddd
Great Idea, I’ll get on that…
Right after i finish that chat

ok!im getting off in like 1 hour and 30 minutes!

Alright! Hold on real quick

mk!ill wait!im also on the wix gimkit code thing

Nice! I’m still the same person on Wix btw

ok! i followed you btw.

Hey guys, let’s get back on-topic.

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Thanks, I’ll make sure to follow you as-well

sorry!i forgot!i get distracted easily

Sorry, And btw your confusing me, can you show me an Image.
Because i cant find what your trying to show me

make a death run minigame wait how is this off topic?

There was some off-topic chatting
including me in it

Add easter eggs. (Hidden chests/props)

Is this map a free-for-all?

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Kind of @wingwave you CAN do this by yourself. But it’ll be harder. If you did not read the text there ARE levels so I would recommend doing it with a team. But you could do it SOLO. so 50% yes 50% no

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Idea was kind of already said