Creating Detailed Text!


Yeah, we all have pre-game lobbies, most of which are cool. Sure. Great. Amazing.

I see a lot of pre-game lobbies with atrocious text. It’s plain, it has no color change, and it doesn’t blend in with the theme of the game.

Now, of course, this isn’t your problem, and you shouldn’t feel bad or anything, after all, this is only gimkit, BUT there are some ways for your text in your pre-game lobbies to look much better!

What I’d also like to talk about today are popups, which can be really cool and really well made, but just… sometimes don’t do the job well enough.

Have fun!

Method 1: Fonts

What I see a lot of times is something like this in a pre-game lobby:

Walmart Dungeon Crawler: Ultimate Deluxe Infinity Version

That doesn’t look too bad. HOWEVER, the text could look a lot better if someone used some of the fonts gimkit text has!

The better WDC:UDIV

Hey, that looks a lot better!

Now, I’ll put a few fonts that are pretty cold ahem I mean cool to use:

Rubik looks pretty cold ahem cool, it’s even on the default text for popups

Outfit is the standard fishtopia font

We can also use these fonts on popups to make them look better:

A popup that uses the “outfit” font

This is the power of font! Make sure to try out each kind, and see which ones you like best!

You can change the font of a text using this:

Method 2: Color and Splitting

We can’t always use black text forever. In a Humans VS Zombies game, you might want the pre-game font to be green! Luckily, we can change the color of text!

We can adjust the size, font, color, and transparency of the text. Let’s adjust the color.

Humans VS Zombies… it kind of sucks.

You can see that this looks a lot better than what… it would have been:

The two texts together… comment which one looks better!

But wait? What if we want “We Go Wildmon Edition” to be purple, and “Humans VS Zombies” to stay green?

Well, we can use a method called “Text Splitting” to do exactly this!

We know that there is no option to set a certain portion of text to a certain color- instead, we can use two text objects instead of one to make a “pseudo” multicolored text object!

The split text.

Now, I think you know what to do. Turn the right text object purple, and mash them together!

This looks really cool!

Method 3: 3D Text

We’ve gone far, but our text is still boring. Let’s ramp it up a little.

Yes, I know that 3D text doesn’t actually exist, but here’s how to “make 3D text”.

First, place down your text:

I made the font lighter, do you like it?

Now, copy the text, and make the color darker:

Get ready to do some overlapping

Now, place the darker shade of text behind the first shade of text like this:

This is me moving the text

Do it again for the second piece:


The 3D text

You’ve just made some awesome 3D text!

Method 4: Popup Decoration!

You’ve just created a fishing system, and you get this popup:

You caught a red fish!

Oh… that doesn’t look very good.

What you can first do is add some call-to-action buttons to add some blue into the mix of colors:

Would you like to fish again?

This still looks kind of bland. You know how in Fishtopia you can see the fish you just got? We can actually replicate the popup using an icon image.

Icon images can be learned here, but we’re just going to assume you know what they are.

Enter “items/ Red Fish” to make your popup a little bit better.

You can only find the icon image thing in “All Options”

Let’s look at our popup now!

Popup with the icon image.

Let’s change the font a little. Maybe we can add something to the description too :]

You’d see something like this in Fishtopia or another real game mode. Well done!

Wow! This looks good! Finally, we should add some color to our popup in the Look and Behavior section:

The final result

You did an amazing job customizing and creating a cool and unique popup! Good work!


I hope this guide taught you well how to design and create your own unique text/popups, including:

  • 3D Colored text.
  • Popups with icon images
  • Great Design

Happy gimkitting! I look forward to seeing pre-game lobbies with these features in mind!


I think i know what you’re going to do when you’re in the GCC…

Hey, atleast nice guide!


Amazing guide, you put so many details into really customizing text! With this, users of all kind can make their maps look better.


so many of these are used in gim dungeon lol


Nice guide @mysz! I can see this being very useful.


Wow, amazing job, @mysz! For a second, I thought this guide was made by someone (I fogot) else because of our pfp.


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this is cool I did not now you could make the text look 3d.

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Great Guide @mysz i will use this a lot, no dought.

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A lot of people seem to enjoy this guide. Yes, I got the 3D text idea from @Wumpus, who is possibly the best game designer in the community, so shout out to them!


love the popups will definitely use that

I can tell that Walmart Dungeon Crawler: Ultimate Infinity Deluxe Version is going to redefine the meaning of the dungeon crawler genre!


Nice guide! I love poeple using the double color-font technique! (I’m wondering who else has used it besides you and me, because I haven’t seen it done before)
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