Laser Tag Map Ideas

I am making a laser tag two-team map. What props should I add? I want it to have a feel like real-life laser tag. The props could be barriers, or Easter eggs that will occur when something’s destroyed. I need ideas for props, Easter eggs, and obstacles I should add. I will add credit to anyone that helps.

Uhh, add a new zone to your map? and sentries to recruit? a home base hq?

Thanks, I’ll add the home base. I’ll also add credit.

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You don’t need to. If you have like a custom credits room, then sure. But if it’s just slapped outside the base, it won’t look nice.

You could add red paired with another color, like dark red. Giving a cool effect!

This guide is a amazing example.

Thank you! But there will be a separate credits room. I appreciate all of your help and willingness!

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