The Ultimate Capture the Flag guide

Ok, there are tons and tons of guides for Capture the Flag. Now, I’m combining all the CTF guides to make the ULTIMATE CTF GUIDE!
Yes, I know, I made a Resources page for CTF, but this will have all the sections of CTF! Much more organized!

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Resources Page:

Here are some CTF guides:


Efficiency Upgrade:
How to make an Efficiency Upgrade Difficulty 3/10

Endurance Upgrade:
How to make an Endurance Upgrade | Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩

Speed Upgrades:
Making Multiple Speed Upgrades! | TUTORIAL | Difficulty: 🟩
Capture the Flag Speed Upgrades

Energy Per Question:
How to make the Energy Per Question Upgrade for Capture the Flag | Difficulty 2/10

Energy per Question

Energy per Question is an upgrade which changes the amount of energy you get per question. It can go from 5000 per Question, to 5200 per Question, and then 5400 per Question. How to do it? This one has 3 upgrades. First place a vending machine. Set it to “Transmit On Channel” in its settings. Set the cost to what you want it to be, then you can add an icon image. icons/Add Energy is suggested to be used.
Screenshot 2023-11-11 4.54.03 PM
Next add a trigger. Set the trigger to not active on start. Copy it so there are three. Set them up in a chain, each triggering the next with wires. Add 2 counters. Wire one each to the last 2 triggers, making it so when target value reached, activate trigger. Set the target of the counter connected to the last trigger in the chain to 3. The counter before will be set to 2. Place an item granter other than the original item granter. This item granter will have the amount being added per upgrade. Wire all of the triggers to it, so when triggered, grant item. Place down the Questioner, and wire it to the first trigger in the chain. Wire the vending machine to the first trigger and the counters. The wire connected to the trigger will activate it when purchased. The vending machine-counter wires will increment the counter. The Questioner will also be wired to an item granter giving players their beginning Energy per Question. This is what mine looked like.



How to make scores in Capture the Flag 🟩

How to make buyable barriers - Credit to @Max-Grass
How to make Buildable Barriers (Like in Capture the Flag)

Tag Zone:
[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Every Device Part 2!
[See Tag Zone]

Tracking the Flag:
[Use Waypoints]
On the Nature of a Waypoint: A Comprehensive Study On the Waypoint’s Biology and Its Place In the Community [WIP]

Flag Capture Zone:
[ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide To Every Device Part 1!
[See Flag Capture Zone]

Capture the Flag Jail:
How to make a jail for Capture the Flag!

CTF Ideas/Additions:
(Educational) Capture The Flag ideas Part 1
(Educational) Capture The Flag ideas Part 2

Thanks for reading!
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