(Educational) Capture The Flag ideas Part 2

This is the second part to the Educational Capture The Flag post. In this part I’ll talk about things like mazes (more in depth this time), lobby rooms, how to decorate a Capture The Flag with props, and how to have good blockage.

1, Mazes: The normal Gimkit Capture The Flag has a maze in the north, but you should add a maze in the south, too, leading to something secret. In my Capture The Flag I made a small maze that leads to another flag, but there are a few surprises in it. There are sentries guarding the maze, dummy/decoy flags, and weird camera views (Your really zoomed in and it doesn’t always feel like you know what your doing). Doing this allows the good players to have more difficulty capturing the flags since they could be knocked out by sentries, for they can’t find their way through the maze.

(The picture on the top conects to the bottom by the blue’s right side and the red’s left side. I couldn’t make them small enough to fit together.)

2, Lobby Rooms: Having a boring lobby room is well… boring. Therefore, make a lobby room with stuff do, see, or read can keep people a little entertained while they wait. Adding a few props and teleporters can help with that. Also, you may need to add information about your map in that area or nearby to tell people how to play like in nomral Gimkit. I did that, but also added the most recent changes since I’m always updating my map.

3, Decoration: Having decoration makes your map more fun, playful, and challanging. adding things like arcades could help if you add a mix of on and off arcade machines. Alternation is an important feature in any build. Using tables is also a good thing to use since they’re big and can have something on them. Props can also tell a story. For example, the normal Capture The Flag uses office plants and water dispensers to look like an office in real life.

Screenshot 2023-12-15 085432Screenshot 2023-12-15 085439

My Gimkit is meant to be a fun area that I’d like to hang out in. It also has a few random things to it to mix up ideas. You need to build your map to where someone who has the flag can’t just go in a straight line, they need to have obstacles they go around. It also allows people to block intruders easier.

(This is the red teams’ base (Team 2). The top one connects to the bottom one by the top’s right side and bottom’s left side.
At the beggining of the game there are no sentries or lasers, but besides those nothing changes).

4, blockage: Having props in the way helps with replayability and the score. In my map I don’t have lots going on around the flag, but the closer you get to the middle the more there is. You also need to use lasers because it makes those who are really good, confused because the lasers came out of nowhere, or if someone has found a really fast path then adding lasers would make them have to relearn it or come up with a new one.

Hope you found this helpful. Part 3 coming soon.


Looks good!

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Nice, @Captain-Gim !

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Nice guide, @Captain-Gim!

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nice but as blackhole927 said (you might not know him):

You should aim to publish an entire guide at once, not in small parts. Just keep it as a draft, and edit it as time passes. When you’re done with it, then post it.

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Thank you. I’ll just build off another one then.