Capture the Flag Speed Upgrades

Credit to @PaddingtonBear

(I don’t know what to call this, so that ^ is just a filler. If anyone has a better name, let me know).

I’m making a guide on this because it seems like an important resource that could help many games. To elaborate, I’m making multiple speed upgrades that you don’t have to do in a specific order, they all just add speed no matter what order you do them in. And I know lots of new users find blocks difficult, so i am happy to announce that this takes zero blocks. Let’s get started!

Supplies Needed

3 Vending Machines
3 Checkers
3 Speed Modifiers
1 Counter
1 Wire Repeater
1 Property

To start, get the 3 Vending Machines. Make it so when purchased. you can make the cost whatever you want, but I’m using energy, like a capture the flag game.

Wire each vending machine to the counter with the settings
item purchased → increment counter
it should look like this:

Now it is time for the counter settings! Scroll down to the bottom of the featured tab and set the scope to player.

Also go to the property tab and make the counter update a property. Name that property Speed Check

Grab the property. Name it (you guessed it) Speed Check. Make it numerical and set the scope to player.

Now, take the wire repeater, and wire it to all three Vending machines.
Make it so when purchased → repeat the wire pulse no other settings are required for this device.

Wire the wire repeater to 3 checkers. Make all of them check for the value of a property, Speed Check.

From here is where the checkers are different. The first checker checks for the property to be equal to 0.

Make the second one equal to 1.

And then the third one equal to 2.

Finally get 3 speed modifiers. Connect the highest speed to checker 3, and make it so *when check passes → set player to configured speed. Set the middle speed to the second checker, and the lowest speed to the first checker in the same way.

How this works is this: When you purchase the upgrade, all three checks are run, and the property is updated. The check that passes determines your speed, and whether or not the check passes is dependent on how many speed upgrades you have bought (or the value of the counter/property).

I hope this helps you with your game! Thank you for reading!


Amazing guide! I feel like we should make a CTF tug


yeah! that would be really helpful since a lot of new gims like to start with capture the flag.

I think I could make a wiki if people want to work on it

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Nice! I like how you added so many screenshots! Pictures are powerful!

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Nice guide!

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“The Ultimate Guide to Capture-The-Flag!”
Also, nice guide @LlamaLady22!


Hmm, Can I create it?


Oh, I still have like 25-30 days

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I just realized you can create the guide now and make it a wiki when you get regular as your editing limit won’t expire before you get regular (30 days for tl2)

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I was running too fast with the flag when I accidentally bumped into this conveniently similar to my situation guide.

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bumpy like a roller coaster BUMP

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back when haiasi replied to things and coral was on the forum…