(Educational) Capture The Flag ideas Part 1

Capture The Flag is one of the most popular parts of Gimkit, but after playing it after a while you may like a twist or an improvement so these are good ideas to use to refress it.
1, Secrets: Use bookshelves or other props to hide teleporters. Then use those teleporters to go to a secret room with upgrades. You could also add secret zones behind the props for a short lasting energy pool, or 10 second speed upgrade.
2, Larger Maze: Making a larger maze means the map takes longer to explore and memorize. Also, you could use the maze to add a secret room, upgrade, etc. For example, my capture the flag map includes a maze gonig into a control room that allows you to add lasers and sentries. Which brings me to my next point.

3, Lasers: Using lasers makes people have to relearn some of the paths they’ve been having to take during the game. This also allows you to block off areas that people needed to use early game, but they can’t anymore because it’s blocked off. Lasers also give a twist on the normal walls in normal capture the flag because when you touch them you’re knocked out or lose some damage.
4, Sentries: Sentries could cause players to think about going into one area or not. For example, I put sentries around both flags that people have to buy at the control rooms which is the picture from earlier. Though when you add sentries don’t make them too strong, otherwise it may be impossible to get the flag.

In this picture there are 3 sentries which fire fast, but they aren’t too strong.
5, Late-Game Weapons: Having a weapon like the evil eye early game may cause people to focus more on the weapon more than the flag, but making it late-game could cause people who are winning to get discrated and not go for the flag anymore. Therefore, balancing the score. In my Capture The Flag I hid a teleporter behind an empty bookshelf, which is the only empty one in the map. You want to make secrets secret, but you need to make it at least a little noticable.
6, A balanced energy system: What I mean by a balanced system is that your upgrades aren’t too cheap and expensive, and the energy per question isn’t too much or too little. When I first showed my map to my friends they said that 1,000 energy per question was too low, and at that time I thought it was just right until I raised the amount. When I raised the amount to 4,000 energy per question I’d had more upgraders. Also, you have to make sure that whenever you add another upgrader you should make the energy per question more to balance out the game.
7, A balanced upgrade system: This idea ties into the last where you don’t want too much or too little. For example, adding upgardes that triple your speed at the beggining of the game would cause it be too chaotic and fast. Therefore, find that middle ground and use trial and error to figure out your way there.


Welcome to the forum, @Captain-Gim ! It’s always nice to see a user who’s first post is a guide!

Welcome to the forums and nice first guide, @Captain-Gim! You might want to look over your spelling, though (for example, weapong).


Thank you. I love Capture The Flag and decided to put a twist on it.

You might want to remove this, because some users get a little trigger happy with flags.

Welcome to the forum, @Captain-Gim!

Thank you for the ideas. I’m putting them to use.

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nice, but why did you put “educational” in the title?

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Great guide @Captain-Gim ! I REALLY like that your first post is a guide!, also welcome to the forums!

I put educational because it involved some features that only educational games would have. For example, I put energy per question which would normally be used in the classroom games.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

finally a guide that can improve mazes! Also welcome to the forum @Captain-Gim

Thank you for. I noticed that there wasn’t a big use of the maze in the normal Capture The Flag, so I decided it needed a better use besides teleportation.

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yes we need more people like you that makes maze guides! the more the better!

Thanks, do you think there should be a game where it’s just a maze with other types of puzzles in it?

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yeah that a good idea! i haven’t seen mazes with puzzle or any escape room for a long time now i think we should bring it back from the dead! i was planning to a do a deathrun but got canceled because dld is not in gkc.

I’m going to update my Gimkit Capture The Flag to where there’s 2 mazes on the north and south sides, and one can lead to a control room, and the other one can lead to another area of capture the flag, but smaller and more dangerous for those looking for a challange.