How to make something like would you rather

Hello! I am going to make a guide about how to make a game mode to see if your friends know you well and stuff. how it works is you or whoever is randomly picked will ask a question (any question) but if it’s wrong you click a button to make them get knocked out.
What devices you need:
lifecycle 1x
relay 1x
spawn pads 2x
team switcher 1x
buttons x4
zones 2x
laser beams 12x
let’s get started
so first you need some thing like this but 3x as big

then get spawn pads and place them like this:

after all of that use the relay, lifecycle, and team switcher.
first get the relay and put it like this:


Team switcher:

and wiring them
Screenshot 2023-12-05 7.43.58 PM
now we use the buttons: put them simply like this

put zones in both sides like this:

now for lazers put six lazers like this:

now copy and paste the lazers and wire the button to the lazer: Button → lazer x6 to all the sides

and just like that. your done with your game. also sadly I don’t know how to make the lazers deactivate after being activated so when you wanna try it again you have to restart the game. this took me an hour and a half for this but It was worth it. also if you guys think I did something wrong or could have done something better please put it in comments


I am kinda dumb because I put zones there for no reason XD

Aren’t there already guides on this?


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Oh dang I spent an hour on something other people made already

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I should’ve checked harder when I looked to the would you rathers

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Nice! This is cool!

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Ummm… Can’t you just play this or that?

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Well its fun to create official game modes, why do you think the ultimate capture the flag exists?


I’m pretty sure that that’s being being taken down.


It doesn’t say that, it does say Jeopardy is being taken down soon…

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And also nice guide!

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Nice guide @Badkarma!

Nice guide!

Bump, and, the players can see the host and move to the other side to avoid the lasers

Yeah I forgot to add the camera view, my bad