How to make This or That(Simplified)

Credit to (partially) this guide:

And (partially) this guide:

(I never really looked at them :thinking: and mine doesn’t use lasers)

Now, start by making your board(I don’t know what to call it), something like this:

Get two spawn pads, the first one like this and in the small area at the bottom:

And this in the middle of the rectangle:

Now, add a zone on each rectangle in the big rectangle. Make sure it is EXACTLY on each side. You can make the zones have the color of each side, too. Also, the zones are deactivated on Game Start!

Now, get two Overlays, the first one like this:

Make sure they are all non-visible on game-start, and that the scope is player.
Second one:

Now, wire a Lifecycle to Each of the Overlays, so that it only shows to the Host:
Event(Game Start) Occurs → Show Overlay

Wire Each Overlay to a Wire Repeater with a Delay of 0.1. TWO different Wire Repeaters!
Wire the Overlays to their corresponding Zone, activating it, and wire the WR to their corresponding zone, deactivating it.

Now, add an Overlay like this:

Make sure it is wired to the Lifecycle as well, so that it shows only for the Host. So, no Relay.

Wire this New Overlay to a Relay(All Other Players) than to a Speed Modifier(0). That way the Host can freeze the other players.

Wire this New Overlay to another Overlay, also Deactivated on Game Start, Just having the Option to UNFREEZE players frozen. Wire Each Overlay to a No-delay Wire Repeater, then back, deactivating the Overlay. Make sure they are two SEPERATE WRs.

Make sure this Second New Overlay is wired to a Relay and a Speed Modifier as well, same settings except for the Speed Modifier, setting the speed to 1 instead. Wire this Second Overlay to the First one, showing that one as pressed.

Now for the Dying.

Since you already have the activating and re-deactivating zone part, now all you have to do is wire each zone to a Team Switcher that Switches you to Spectator.

You’re Done now! Have fun with This or That!

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Nice current wip!

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I hate Pineapple Pizza too. Just disgusting.

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This guide is extremely helpful! (I actually love pineapple on pizza and most of the people who hate it haven’t actually tasted it :laughing:) But no hard feelings!

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