Making Multiple Speed Upgrades! | TUTORIAL | Difficulty: 🟩

So, I keep seeing people asking how to do this so here I am showing how to do it!

Step 1: Place down the number of vending machines as you want speed upgrades. Then, place down one counter and a speed modifier for each upgrade you want to have.

Step 2 (settings): Make sure to set all of the vending machines to transmit on channel, and to deactivate on purchase. Set the channel name to something easy like “speed upgrade”.

Step 3: Set all of the counters to increment when receiving the transmit. Then set all of them to start at 0, and then with each one set the target consecutively. Set one to 1, the next to 2, after that to 3, etc. Then wire all of them to the speed modifiers and make sure again that all of the modifiers and counters are set to player.

Step 4: Set the modifiers to your desired speed per upgrade.

Step 5 (Optional): In the vending machines go to icons and type in icons/speed. This will add the speed upgrade icon. Also, make the counters invisible as they are kind of ugly and you probably won’t want to see them in-game.

You should now know how to make multiple speed upgrades for your maps in gimkit! :grinning:

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also maybe set scope to player

You could also wire the speed modifiers directly to the vending machines (and/or make it so that the previous vending machine being purchased activates the next one in line)… I think? You could have all vending machines initially available and deactivate all machines below the one that the player purchases from, but that would still be reasonably complicated… also, I haven’t actually tested this theory yet, so I could be wrong :]


I said that multiple times did you not read?

No, this is so you can spread them out across the map and this is the simplest way that I found without having to wire them across the whole map or use multiple different channels. That could work though, just not practical.

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Tutorial Review for @ClarkB

Rating: 9/10

What You Did Well:

  1. Step-by-step Breakdown: Your tutorial is well-structured, with each step clearly delineated and easy to follow. This helps users understand the process without feeling overwhelmed.

  2. Comprehensive Detailing: The specificity of your settings descriptions ensures that users are able to replicate the process accurately and without confusion.

  3. Customization Option: The inclusion of an optional step for aesthetic customization demonstrates your thoroughness and understanding of user needs.

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Visual Aids: Although you included some images, it would be beneficial to have visual aids at each step of the process. This will help users to better understand what they should be seeing or doing at each point in the process.

Good job on this tutorial, @ClarkB! It’s very clear that you’ve put considerable thought and effort into this guide. The depth of your explanations and your attention to detail are commendable. Keep up the fantastic work!


Bumping my post because I still see people asking how to do this…

What happens if someone buys Level 4, then Level 1? Will his speed slow down? Maybe add wires from each vending machine to the ones before it so when you buy it, it deactivates all the previous ones.

No, they all add a +1 tier. They send out a broadcast that increases all of the counters by one. When each counter reaches its number (1,2,3,4), they increase speed to that tier. This makes it work like in tag and capture the flag.


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