An Advanced(?) Version of Multi Upgrading

We all know upgrades, such as the simple “Buy one, get a speed boost” but what if you wanted to have players to purchase multiple upgrades at your own pace (like in tag: domination)? Well, here we go…

Credit to other guides based on upgrading, especially this one:

And this one:

Let’s get started on multiple speed upgrades.

  1. Place down as many vending machines (for this guide, we will use 3), set them to have unique (and just right) prices (depending on your currency) like this:

  2. Have each of them deactivate when purchased and transmit on the channel “UpgradeSpeed”

  3. Create a Number Property titled “SpeedTier”, set its default value to 1. And set the scope to player.

  4. Create a trigger that is invisible, does not trigger on player collision, and triggers when receiving on the channel “UpgradeSpeed”

  5. Create block code on the trigger and set the layout to this:

  6. Place down 3 speed modifiers, the first one should receive on SpeedTier2 with a speed of 1.25.
    The second one should receive on SpeedTier3 with a speed of 1.50. And the last one should receive on SpeedTier4 with a speed of 1.75.

Finished product:

Bonus stuff
  1. You can make as many speed upgrades you want, note that each upgrade costs about 135 memory.

  2. You edit the item name and description to your upgrades.

  3. You can make a pop up that shows up when you purchase an upgrade.

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This guide has literally already been made! Giving credit doesn’t change that…


Seeing this makes me realize (though i swear i had never seen this before) that my system is almost if not completely identical to the first one you put in your post. Does that mean i should delete it as a duplicate?

(Asking you because you probably know)