How do you make it where both teams can tag

I need help pretty bad, I’m making a battle game with teams, and I want people to be able to tag so they can get the flag back because you’re trying to get the flag and claim the area. But I don’t know how to make that happen, only team one can tag, and I want both teams to be able to, kinda like in CTF. Please help ASAP.

You can look at this

Have you tried this guide?

… Like Tag Domination?

Try my guide

I like your guides @Blizzy and also, not really like in TD because there, it’s timed, mostly like in CTF because there, both teams can tag at the same time, that’s kinda how I want it.

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Oh, you just put tag zones on each side. Just saying, you can’t put 2 tag zones on top of each other or both people will respawn. You have to separate them on diff sides. Just use the settings to say which team

I tried that, I can do it again though, hang on

you should have 2 tag zones overlayed with different teams that can tag, then boom

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