Cameron's Guide to Regular Tag!

Tag- Transferrable tag with two taggers

First, we’ll need to…

Select our starting taggers…

We need to select the starting taggers for the beginning of the game. Our tag zone lets team two tag, so we’ll switch to players to that team. I will use a lifecycle device to track the game start and a relay to select a random player. Next, I’ll need to use that relay to trigger a team switcher (for team 2, tagger). Finally, I’ll use a property to track the name of the player who is it so it’s easy to keep track.

You need:

Lifecycle Device x1
Relay Device x2
Team Switcher Device x2
Property Device x2
Trigger x2
Spawn pad x2

Screenshot 2023-09-10 08.50.50

1. Lifecycle Device Configuration

Screenshot 2023-09-08 17.10.04
On game start- transmit on StartTagger1

2. Relay Device Config. 1

Screenshot 2023-09-08 17.10.50
On StartTagger1- select random player- transmit on StartTagger1Switch

3. Team Switcher Device Config. 1

Screenshot 2023-09-08 17.11.10
On StartTagger1Switch- switch to specific team- team 2 (TAGGERS)

4. Trigger Device Config. 1

Trigger on StartTagger1Switch-
Replicate with blocks on trigger…
Screenshot 2023-09-10 08.56.36
Set property ‘Tagger1Name’ to triggering player’s name.

5. Relay Device Config. 2

Random player on team 1- transmit on StartTagger2- relay on Tagger1Switch

6. Team Switcher Device Config. 2

Screenshot 2023-09-08 17.13.22
Switch to specific team-team 2- on StartTagger2

7. Trigger Device Config. 2

Trigger on StartTagger2
With blocks, on trigger…
Screenshot 2023-09-10 09.10.31
Set Tagger2Name to triggering player’s name.

8. Add spawn pads

Let there be two spawn pads, one that allows team1 and one for team2

Make tag zones…

This will allow our (team 2) taggers to… tag!

You need:
Tag Zone x1
Screenshot 2023-09-10 09.23.09

1. Set Tag Zone FEATURED options as follows…

Tagging team-team 2
Respawn on tag-no
Tag area-Entire map

2. Set Tag Zone CHANNELS options as follows…

Player tagged- transmit on SwitchToTeam2
Player tagged another- transmit on SwitchToTeam1

Team Switcher Setup…

Once tagged, the players need to switch teams from tagger to taggee and vice versa. To do that we’ll use team switchers. This WILL respawn the players… no workaround.

You need

Team Switcher Device x2
Screenshot 2023-09-10 09.24.07

1. To Tagger

Screenshot 2023-09-10 09.25.16
Switch to team- Team 2
On channel- SwitchToTeam2

2. To Runner

Screenshot 2023-09-10 09.26.22
Switch to team-Team 1
On channel SwitchToTeam1

‘It’ Marker

For clarity, I’ll use some text to display which players are it. This will allow players to track their foes.

You Need

Text Devicex1
Screenshot 2023-09-10 10.18.55

1. Text Block Config.

When SwitchToTeam1 or SwitchToTeam2…
Set text to Tagger1Name + and + Tagger2Name + are it!

‘It’ Optionals

In order to alert the tagger that they are it, we’re gonna use popups. In order to keep the tagger from spawn-killing, we’ll use barriers and teleporters. In order to countdown the headstart the runners need, we’ll use barriers and notifications.

###You need…
Barriers x2-5
Notification x1
Teleporter x1
Popup x1
Trigger x1

1. Wire up the popup:

You need multiple inputs for the property, so we’ll just use wires for the sake of simplicity. We’ll use both relays to show the popup, like this: relay trigger--------------show popup

2. Popup settings:

Make sure the scope is player:
AND that it shows the message you want the tagger to see:

3.Trapping the tagger:

Set the barriers in a box around the tagger’s spawn pad.
Add a trigger that has a delay of five seconds:

That is triggered on game start, and broadcasts to open the gates of the tagger prison.

4. Setting a ‘base’


Two ways to go…

Who is IT when the game ends, or how many times you were tagged.

Hypothetically, you could do both


Setting featured EOG’s settings to

And let it track the property Win/Lose, which you’ll set to Win (by default).
Using your text device, when the text recieves starttagger1switch
It sets Win/Lose to Lose

Using your primary EOG, You’ll track times tagged.

And this will essentially act as the default

For only Win/Lose, you’ll just change the property to lose on game start with a team 2 device, setting win/lose to win default.
Using your text device, when the text recieves starttagger1switch
It sets Win/Lose to Lose

For these purposes, I’ll use times tagged. You can edit it if necessary.

You Need

Property x3
End game widget x2
Screenshot 2023-09-11 16.44.19

1. Times it tracker

Make a property, scope-player.

Using one of the text devices…
Screenshot 2023-09-11 16.45.56
When SwitchToTeam2
Screenshot 2023-09-11 16.46.19

Final Edits…

Set map options to look similar to the ones below.

Screenshot 2023-09-11 16.55.54


Tag this a tug :slight_smile:

Nice tug! Personally, I think you should explain why those devices were used. Not everyone here was here since the end of May.


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That’s my second bane of existence…

Probably a good idea, though!

Wow! This tag setup is super buggy sometimes… the lag is real.

Another option to win is to have the least time IT.

What should my game settings be for this? FFA, Cooperative, etc?

I’d say two teams, as there are the runners, and the taggers.

Thank you! Very appreciated

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reusable bump

What does it mean when it says Eog?

WHat does Eog mean?
I am trying to build my own game too

Wait, where does it say Eog?

where it says base under “here”

OH! It is a non-standard abbreviation for the End of Game Widget.

Thank you so so much!

where can I find that in game?

Welcome to the forums @Ghostatomic38 !
You can find the EOG in the devices section.