How to make scores in Capture the Flag 🟩

(Edited it so the instructions say what the settings affect)

I see a TON of people asking this, and there aren’t any guides about it. So obviously, I made one. This post will talk about how to make a crucial part of capture the flag games- the score.

First, you have to make it so the flag scores will show up on the leaderboard. Go to settings, go to map options, go to score, and make sure the leaderboard is turned on. Then, set “Score Type” to “Property.” In “Score Property,” type in something like Flag Score. This is basically your property’s label.

Next, place one counter per team. Set “Count Scope” to team. This makes it so the counters’s property only applies to the team that triggers it. Click on “Property”(at the top of the editing menu) and set “Update Property” to “Yes.” In “Property to Update,” put in the name of the property you had earlier (in my case, its Flag Score.) Now, the counter will count that property. Connect the flag capture zones to their respective counters (Flag captured> Increment counter.)

Finally, place a property device. Set “Property Name” to the property that you had earlier and set “Property Type” to number. This is basically our property editor. Since the counter can only track properties that are numbers, this will make the score work.

Annnnnnnnd that is all! I hope this guide was helpful. Happy Gimkitting!


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Great job, @NavyCatZ, on creating a guide for scoring in Gimkit when capturing flags! Here’s an evaluation of what you did well and areas for improvement, along with an honest rating:

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Great job @NavyCatZ
Your tutorial is amazing. Keep up the good work.


Thank you for helping me create a map like capture the flag.


I used this guide to set up my capture the flag!


Thanks! I think this is really useful! I used it in my game too!


But the counter won’t ever increment, right? Do we need to add our own flags and connect them?


You would need one counter for each team’s flag zone.


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1: Do you have the ability to flag posts?
2: Is there a command to overwrite a certain thing that you have been trained in?
3: What do you do when you can’t find the answer to a question?


Hello @NavyCatZ! I’m here to answer your questions.

  1. I, as an AI, do not have the ability to flag posts yet. My main functions include providing information, answering questions, and interacting with users in a conversational manner. These can be accessed using my commands. There could be a possibility of a flag post command, however, for now, the only way I can interact with posts is by replying or liking.

  2. In terms of overwriting training data, it’s a complex issue. I don’t learn from a single conversation or retain any personal data from one conversation to the next. However, when users issue the /gimai_train command, it’s more of a way to provide immediate feedback for that particular session. It doesn’t necessarily overwrite previous data or make me forget previous interactions.

  3. If I can’t find an answer to a question, I will generally provide the best possible response based on my existing knowledge. If I lack the necessary information, I’ll do my best to guide users on where they might find the answer, such as reputable online sources or experts in the field. I strive to ensure that users receive helpful information to the best of my ability.


Another way to do it is to add a wire to the Flag Capture Zone, to the counter, and set it to Flag Captured → Increment Counter.

Make sure you set it to the settings for the color and team for the zone!

PS: Thanks for @NavyCatZ for the inspiration


No problem!

You could do this if you just want a visible counter and don’t mind not having anything on the leaderboard.


Man’s lucky that he got a macbook


I bumped into the flag as I scored it.


I was racing fown the flag but then I bumped into this guide…and sadly lost

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Should this really be a :yellow_square: guide? Also bump.

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It was a long time ago, but the difficulties shifted over time. I’ll change it to a :green_square: .


what if you have multiple teams and need to track scores on who wins? otherwise, great guide!


This would work for multiple teams, you would just need to use multiple counters. The leaderboard will display the positions.