How to make a jail for Capture the Flag!

You may have been making a capture-the-flag map, but you don’t have a jail. A jail is one of the most important parts of a capture-the-flag map as it makes winning more difficult. Today, you will learn exactly how to make a jail.

Items per jail:

3 spawn pads,

1 button,

1 team switcher,

1 relay,

1 respawn device,

And 1 barrier (not the prop).

What your map should look like once you have done this tutorial: (Without me in the middle, obviously.)

First, you want to build a little 4 tile space off the opposite side. For example, on the black side (Team 1), the jail where they go when tagged is on the white side (Team 2). Then, at the front of the little area, place a barrier. In front of that barrier, place a button. In the button’s settings, set them to this:

Next, you want to put a spawn pad in that little area. Make it for team 4 only. Next, for the relay, wire the button to it. The button is pressed, then trigger the relay. The relay’s target audience is a random player on team 4. The team switcher switches them to team 2. Also, do that with the button. When the button is pressed, it should respawn the person pressing the button and team-switch the person in jail. Note. This will only work if when someone on team 2 is tagged, they get switched to team 4 using a tag zone and a team switcher. Second note. If you are making this for team 1 also, build everything the same, but switch every mention of team 2 to team 1 and every mention of team 4 to team 3. There you have it! You have made a working jail for your Capture the Flag map!


Nice Guide!

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Nice Guide, @Grey_Stone :+1:!

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Nice guide, @Grey_Stone !

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This is actually pretty interesting! Nice!


Nice guide!

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i tried this out from my capture the flag map im warning you people who want to use this it will not work good guid tho and the document tels nothing on using the respawn divice if you could describe this i will like it thats only if it works after i do it.

i just retried it it still doesent work sorry ಠ╭╮ಠ

It should work.

But it doesent so no

What are your team settings?

what it tells me to do

You have to have the team settings set to 2 teams. Maybe I messed something up because right before I posted, I changed stuff around. I’ll check.

You could probably use this for cop’s and robbers, too. Nice guide!

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Cool guide @Grey_Stone

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What part isn’t working?

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Hi, your tutorial’s great! I think I did something wrong with the button. I’ve managed to get the tagged player into the jail, but the button won’t activate to get the player out.

Update: nvm

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