[SIMPLIFIED] How to make a jail in Capture the flag

Yes, I know there is a whole guide based on how to make a jail for capture the flag (How to make a jail for Capture the Flag!), but that guide seems overly complicated, and I got stuck there, so I have a new way.

Items you need:

1 Spawn Pad
2 Team Switchers
3 buttons
1 barrier
When it’s completed, it should look like this: (you don’t need the zone in the jail)

So first you create three buttons, and name them “Unlock Jail”, “Lock Jail”, and “Get back to your original team.”

Then you wire the Unlock button and the barrier, and do “When button pressed, Deactivate barrier”. Also wire the Lock Button and the barrier, and do – you guessed it — "When button pressed, activate barrier.

Make a team switcher, and switch player to team 3. Obviously, you should already have a tag zone in your map, so wire the tag and switcher. “When a player gets tagged, switch teams.”

Make a spawn pad inside the jail, and set it to team 3.
Make another team switcher and switch team to your original team.Wire the “get to your original place” button and the team switcher that switches to your original team. Then set the wire to “When button is pressed, switch teams.”
Screenshot 2024-04-12 10.17.30 AM

And voila! There you have it, a very simple guide for a jail!

I had to make this in like 10min, so if I missed anything, let me know!


Noice simplified guide, except maybe add a little more pictures?


exactly. that’s what i couldn’t do in under 10 min. I’ll edit it soon ig

Oh okie sounds good

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Nice Guide…

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I’m working on that today! :slight_smile:


DONE! Added the pics