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[ :newspaper: Resources] Resources for Art


This guide is for anyone who wants to make Art and doesn’t want to look around too much. This resource page will provide a list of guides to help you make Art in Gimkit Creative.

Resources (Click to expand)

How to make a banana in Gimkit creative : ) [⬜]

How to make a pumpkin in Gimkit creative [🟩]

How to make Steve from Minecraft in Gimkit Creative [🟩]

How to make a fish tank in Gimkit Creative [🟩]

How to make a train engine in Gimkit Creative [ 🟨 ]

How to make train cars in Gimkit Creative [ Part 1 ]

How to make train cars in Gimkit Creative [ Part 2 ] [🟩]

Wavian Art ( ⬜ )

How to make an Explosion in Gimkit (🟧)

[Flagged Post - Don’t Reply]

How to Make a 2D Staircase!

How to Make Stairs: Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦

How to make a cheese

How to Make an Airplane (Difficulty: ⬜ )

How to Make an Among Us Character (Difficulty: ⬜ )

How to make animals in Gimkit Creative!

How to make a Lion | Difficulty 0/10

How to make a turtle | Difficulty 0/10


Old useless art

How to make a Penguin! (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

How to make Raising Cane's logo! (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

How to make @PotionMaster's Profile Picture! (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜)

3D Art Library (Post here)

Cool Ways to Use Props [Dificulty ⬜ or 0/10]

How to make Vinyl Records, a Record Player, and Record Covers [Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩]


Some Art guides do not provide steps, but only pictures. If you can’t find out how something was made, contact the Gim who made the guide.


Instead of running for help, please look through the Community Made Guides first to make sure there isn’t already a guide on it.

If you found this guide helpful, feel free to :heart: it and please reply to this guide with your reactions. Thanks, and happy Gimkitting! :grinning:


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Thanks! This is the longest one… Let me know if I should add any!

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The explosion is like Art…

@Frozen_cursor has so many…

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I got no idea who they are lol.

@Cavaire3D made tic-tac-toe on like the first day of creative then left. They learned other programming languages and now are working on making a desktop. @Lolo was someone who was very good but left early. They created the original player counter. They have become good at prop art.