How to make Steve from Minecraft in Gimkit Creative [🟩]

Copy the same exact steps I do with the supporting images:

  1. Body




Once you have followed all steps provided you will have finished building your very own Minecraft Steve!

(Thank you for all the support everyone has been giving me and if you have any other ideas for me to build off of, i’m all ears…By the way sorry Steve has no face, its not possible with the current conditions in Gimkit creative but maybe will be fixed in the future)


MOD NOTE: Steve was built with Barrier Devices


Nice lol (extra characters)

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wait wut
what stuff did u use

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That’s just Page Marker or something! Nice tutorial, anyways (+1 Like)…

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im not really sure. I was thinking blocks

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Yo Next make a xbox @Frozen_cursor

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Get a ton of likes

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i still dont understand how u made those tile thingies

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what blocks are those?