How to make Vinyl Records, a Record Player, and Record Covers [Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩]

This is the work of a bunch of people, so I’d like to thank @Coffee and @WolfTechnology for their record design and record player design respectively.

Here’s an example of what everything could look like:


We cannot yet play music or sounds in custom games, but hopefully it will be added soon. In the meantime, this tutorial simply adds decorational value to a house or building. Enjoy!


Make sure to disable shadows and collision on all props placed (unless needed, like the table). Layering will also probably be necessary.


Vinyl records: 2 Basketball props

Record player: 1 Button device, 1 Space Trash (pipe variation) prop

Record cover: 1 Blackboard (Tall) prop, 1 miscellaneous prop (optional, for the album cover)

Optional: A table to place everything on

Vinyl Records

Let’s start with the basics. I’ll remake @Coffee’s guide on making a record here: How to make a record [Difficulty 0/10, or :white_large_square: ]

Firstly, place a basketball prop and change its color to black:
record 1

Place another basketball or copy the first one. Make this one much smaller with a different color, and place it on top of the original (you may need to manipulate layers to do so):
record 2

Copy this design over and over using different inside colors if you want more! Otherwise, this is the basic design for a record and can be used as needed.
record 3

Record Player

Design idea by @WolfTechnology!

Place a button wherever you want your record player to be. This will be the base of the player. The button can be active (green) or not (orange), it’s up to personal preference.
player 1

Place the space trash prop that looks like a bent pipe and rotate it to make an arm:
player 2

If you want, you can place one of the records you made on top of the button so it looks like it’s “playing” something:
player 3

Record Covers

Lastly, let’s make some record covers to store your various vinyls in style.

Shrink down and rotate a Tall Blackboard prop to create a simple cover. Change the tint however you like. (This is significantly easier to tint to a specific color than the basketball props.)
cover 1

If you want, add another small prop on top of the blackboard for an album cover picture. You can even place a record sticking out of one.
In this case, I used a Coral prop for the red album and an Infected Green Chemical prop for the green album.
cover 2

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it will help fill out empty areas in buildings. Feel free to modify the designs to fit your needs. Cheers!

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Great Guide! I am happy that you made it, and thanks for credititing me.


Nice guide!


This is probably 0/10 or :white_large_square:, as it’s a art guide.


I consider it to be a bit higher than 0 because of mildly complex layering that users will need in order to make things look good

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twofoursixeight already made a difficulty poll under the post

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Did not see that, I was just trying to prevent arguments.

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The new roller prop could also be used as a scratcher!


Ooh, yeah, it could be. I personally like the pipe prop because it’s bent but the roller looks good too.


How’s this look? It’s a little vinyl nook!


thats so cute! I like how the record is covered!


bump because this is pretty cool

The records are actually dope.

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