How to make a record [Difficulty 0/10, or ⬜ ]

Step 1.
Place down a basketball and make it black
Screenshot 2023-08-31 10.26.11 AM
Step 2.
Place another one down smaller than the last one, and dye it any color

Sorry it’s so short, though it might be good for little desk filler


yeah then add a button under it and have the basketballs on top of the green/orange color cicrle on the button so the record has a player, now its a record player.

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I never thought of that, thank you, just wait till they add playable sounds, then you can make music


Your welcome, and that would be awsome if you could interact with it and change the music.

Nice art guide!, @Coffee!

(I added a difficulty for you)

Yes, Great guide!

thank you for adding the difficulty

No problem, I’m always happy to help!

I do have a question though, can you ask people to rate pictures of maps here, or is it too much off topic

Maybe do that on the wix.


OK, will do

You can put words in <> to hide the text! Make sure it is only letters though, not symbols, numbers, emojis,etc.

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I did not know that, thanks!

Wait you can’t use any of the things you said?

I thought you could use symbols.


Love it! Some people tend to overlook adding small details, but I think miniature custom props are really cool!

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Yes, and small details add SOO much….


They really do! Especially when used correctly, they can say a lot about a certain setting.

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thanks! A nice little prop!