How to make an Explosion in Gimkit (🟧)

I know that somewhere, there is a Community Made Guide on this, and I would like to give them some credit for this idea. Some credit is also due to @Frozen_cursor for the design of the explosion.

How to make a bomb for your escape room map! (Difficulty:orange_square)
(Credit to @Eleni for the idea)

How to make a pumpkin in Gimkit creative [:green_square:]

  1. Make a room. Make sure there is a hole in the wall.

  1. Add a button in the room, with the message “Break Out!”

  1. Add a barrier blocking the hole.

  1. Add four wire repeaters, one set to 0.5, another to 1, another to 1.5, and the last to 2. Wire the button to them all.

  2. Wire the 0.5 wire repeater to the barrier. (Recieves pulse → Deactivate Barrier)

  3. Add four triggers, each set to a different “When triggered, transmit on”.
    Going from the top down:

Wire the wire repeaters to the matching trigger.
(Recieves pulse → Trigger)

  1. Add three dry bushes near the barrier.

Set one to:

Set another to:

Set the last to:

  1. Copy them all over the barrier.

Try it out!


wow this is a really cool guide! and btw you can get orange square by saying, : orange_square : but don’t add spaces between colons.

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Wow, great guide!


Cool first guide!


great first guide!

Thank you! I actually developed the idea while making the guide. (Am I the only one who does that?)

Also, a little change that makes it look better: instead of having the barrier connect to the button directly, connect it to the 0.5 wire repeater. you can see the wire change in step 8.


Typically I use wires, but that would take forever and use a lot of memory.


Before I saw this, I made a leaf pile orange and then made it big, this guide is much better. I think it’s great how you gave credit to others! Nice job!

Thanks! I actually hadn’t tried the leaf pile. Maybe use a combination of bushes and leaves…

I used the medium leaf pile that looks like a circle.

Famous last words before I look at your name leak


Lol yeah, I hadn’t even noticed it before I read that.

same here, but i just looked, and i know someone who could be this person with that name

By the way @Anythinger deserves some credit for the delays in the explosion.
How to Make Animation | Difficulty: orange_square

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Nice! Black is back as a difficulty!

It was more of a joke, but there might be that one person…

I’ma close the poll at the end of the day.

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there is also blue and white (for white make sure it is white large square)