I need help with my jail in my jailbreak

Pls someone help me with my jailbreak

What do you need help with specifically?

he probably means he wants help with the entire thing otherwise a collab

I need for the key card doors

oh thats simple make a vending machine set its setting to not visible in game and transmit on channel then hook the vending machine up to the barrier or prop u r using then make it item purchased= hideprop/deactivate barrier hook the button up to the vending machine button pressed=attempt to purchase and set the vending machine required item to whatever you want like keycards and all that

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Do you think I’ll have enough memory fo the map

most likely gimkit gives a lot of memory to start with the limit is 100000 i think

If you’re worried about memory you use a gate console and place an invisible button beneath it connect the button to a checker checking to see if you have a key card and if you do hide a prop that you using as a door.

Ok thanks I might asked about more later

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If you do need more help I’ll answer as soon as I can.

Maybe try using this guide?

If it helps, remember to mark a solution!

Sorry I’m kinda new here

Hello @Taytay123 , If you would like I could help you with anything needed. For example, I could help build the map, I could give ideas, or I could just simply help you with game mechanics. If you are interested just reply. Thanks!

We don’t get a lot of people here who first come here just to answer some questions, so your help is appreciated!

Welcome to the forum, @Miles_Ullrich! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more easy help! Read to Community Guidelines for a gist of the rules. If you ever run into a hard problem, talk to anyone who has the word “Regular” next to their profile name. They can help you with hard and in-depth concepts and mechanics!

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