How to make an object fade into view

Im making an… explosive? yes and it falls from the sky, for design I want the uhh explosive to have a shadow. So far I made a shields tint black so its completely black. I want to know how to make the alpha (transparency) gradually increase.

You can use animation (wire repeaters and/or triggers maybe?) that activate and deactivate barriers that gradually increase in transparency to the point where the shield is no longer visible


something exists, wire repeater with about 5s(idk just a guess), next object with diff opacity, then add as many as you want
gradually getting more opaque
Holy pfjnwjwakjekwef how did you do dat so quick

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well the explosive falls from the sky and the shield is the shadow for the explosive that goes away when the explosive lands.

oh yea I think that works let me try it first.

I honestly thought it was a bit hard to do, with all the different wires between the barrels(that’s what I was using).
But yeh if you do it right it works.

@Haiasi is a TL3 user. They’ve got lots of experience.

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