How to make 3D terrain [2/10 or 🟦 ]

Have you ever played a map that used terrain to make 3D walls? Well, in this guide, I’ll teach you how to make 3D terrain, as well as methods to use it, tips, and important rules when making it!

Lets get right into it!

Table of contents:

How to make 3D terrain!

To start, Trace out the border of the top of your “cliff” in wall on layer 2.
Then, fill it in with floor (Also on layer 2)

Screenshot 2024-04-14 4.08.19 PM

Screenshot 2024-04-14 4.08.43 PM

Next, select your second terrain on floor and the bottom layer and put it like so underneath the grass:


Now, the hard part (not really): Put dirt on layer 1 exactly 2 blocks down from the grass above like so:


(other lengths work, but in my opinion 2 looks the best)
It’s also smart to have the edges of the dirt as wall.

And there you have it! a nice looking hill!

Important rules & tips!

Now, when making 3D terrain, there are some good tips/rules to follow to keep it looking perfect.

  1. only below!
    This one is probably the most important. below are two examples:



As you can see,

  • #1 looks amazing
  • #2 looks like a depressing blob.

When making 3D terrain, it’s really important to only put your lower terrain below

  1. Use terrain that goes together
    This one is a no-brainer. if your two choices don’t match, don’t use them! Putting purple sand and red plastic together won’t go well, but grass and dirt is always a solid choice.

Here are three good combos to use for 3D terrain:

#1: dry grass + dirt


#2: Stone (light) + Stone (dark)


#3: purple grass + space (moving) It’s strange, but it works!


For more great terrain combos, Click here!

Ways to use 3D terrain!

The two main uses for 3D terrain are:

  • Cliffs/walls/hills

  • Islands

That was kinda short

Other cool ideas:

Try adding extra terrain to make drippy, strange, alien like islands!

There you have it! Now you know how to make 3D terrain, as well as tips and uses for it!
I hope this helped!

SirWyWy out!


Last time I made a guide like this, it got flagged for some reason, just warning.
Anyways, this explains the process of layering fast and efficiently. I wish I had this when I had to learn it.



well technically you could do the opposite, it depends where you want the (i don’t know how to describe it) squiggly things on a higher terrain block when it meets a lower layer terrain block

i love this one! great for shadows
btw you can make one without the dark stone, just use a non-border no-collision (depends) barrier with a transparency of your choice

nice, you can probably also mention that space+cinema carpet go well together, i didnt notice the cinema carpet for a while lol

i really like this, it looks like the ooze is consuming the island but just a few suggestions:

  • try making them less drippy lol

  • you can make the space terrain on a higher layer and make the purple terrain (purple grass?) on a lower terrain, just place terrain on them and delete the unwanted terrain layer (ie once you’ve placed a higher terrain on space and a lower one on the purple grass, delete the unwanted terrain layer for each of them)


Oh. I made it to look like the “ooze” is dripping from the island, but I like your suggestion too!


Aye, nice guide this’ll be useful in the future maps I make


Whoa!!! This can help me a LOT 4 my map!! Great job!!!


I just saw this in your bio so ig I’ll try it out

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No tone suggestions, I did like how you bolded some words!


I wish I was a regular so that I could make a wiki guide for all of the good terrain combos…


Screenshot 2024-04-15 7.17.04 PM

I think you forgot to make this layered. Look:
Screenshot 2024-04-15 7.18.00 PM
It looks like the dark gray brick is mixing.

I feel like normal space would work better.



You shouldn’t be far from tl3


How far?

Look at this post:

And then see your stats


WHAT!!! THIS HAS CHANGED BY VIEW OF GIMKIT! (Yes, Gimkit, it is a complete sentence…)

People have discovered this before, I was worried to make a guide because I thought it may be called a duplicate. (replying to Unit_72)

nice guide!
this would improve the quality of a lot of maps

note that 3d terrain would work better with rounded terrain (frozen lake, dirt, dry grass, grass, water, etc.) and not with square terrain (boardwalk, stone, castle tiles, etc.)

Should I make a guide on all of the good terrain combos?
  • Yes
  • No
  • No you’re not tl3 yet, (a wiki for this would be better)
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ooohhhh time to make a game with this

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This does look pretty cool! Maybe make it less drippy? It looks sorta like those space ice creams!

Just found out that I have 50 more days till tl3 :expressionless: