How to make 3D terrain [2/10 or 🟦 ]

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I just tried this out in a platformer map…(Lets just say it looked kind of weird.)

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So, 3D terrain in a 2D game? Interesting. Never thought of that.


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It would be nice if a regular could make a wiki for all of the good combos.
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i could make one

That would be much appreciated :smiley:

@SirWyWy What do you want the title to be

I like drippy… I think it looks cool

[ :clipboard: ] Good terrain combos for 3D terrain

[ :clipboard: ] Good 3D terrain combos
Sound clearer?

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ok, i seriously cannot get over HOW COOL THIS LOOKS!
its so pretty and alien like, and the pink water gives it such a nice aesthetic. the occasional cobblestone path is also a very nice touch!

anyways, this guide is nice too, great job on this!


I just realized I could use this for the space area in my game
I’ll give you credit


alright, theres never actually been a definite guide on this, and boy could it not have been better. this not only is detailed and shows how easily make this kind of terrain, the combos provided in it are very nice looking. awesome!


I think you’re good on this, it’s not 100 days of visiting, it’s in the last 100 days total, so you’ve got things worked out. I think it’ll work. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’ve seen regulars at seventy days, so I think you can do it.

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This is gonna help with my project

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This guide is so unique and fun in many ways. Thanks, SirWyWy!

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