How to make 3D terrain [2/10 or 🟦 ]

No, I’m pretty sure that it’s a two on the scale

There is a complete scale guide, and blue was marked as undetermined (green easy, orange semi-easy, yellow medium, red hard, and purple extremely hard).

That was the old rating system, which was only 5 levels. There’s now a 10 level scale with 0 being :white_large_square: and 10 being :black_large_square:

Okay, send me the official guide (not created by you).

Oh, and :white_large_square: is for art guides only.

I’ve seen that guide, so I was wondering how the color that usually means “unrated” as it has no position, turned into a numbering system. Also, the black also is not mentioned, so it is generally used for wikis, but isn’t used much.

Art Guides go in art now. Art Topics are not just about requests. There about Gimkit Creative art and such.

The Art category is for all topics and guides about art in Gimkit Creative, including requests, in-game prop art, and thumbnails.

nvm I saw this

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I feel like this deserves to be in the guide category but oh well, you can’t stop a tsunami with just your hands

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