The Tutorial Difficulty Rating System (Difficulty: 🟩)

This system was made by Cryptoraider on the old forum, and I’ve transferred it here. Every tutorial and guide should have a difficulty, to help people navigate to things that are on their skill level and then slowly learn to do more difficult things. Here are the ratings:

Difficulty: 🟩

This is the easiest difficulty. Anyone could do this, even someone with only an hour of gimkit creative experience.

Difficulty: 🟧

This is a less easy difficulty. For these tutorials, it is recommended that readers have experience with using wires and some of the devices.

Difficulty: 🟨

This is a more difficult difficulty. For this difficulty its recommended that readers know how to use multiple devices to create game mechanics

Difficulty: 🟥

This is one of the hardest difficulties. Readers should know basic block code, along with everything from the other diffficulties.

Difficulty: 🟪

This is the hardest difficulty. This difficulty is for complex things that require advanced knowledge of devices, and/or complex knowledge of blocks.

What influences difficulty?

Difficulty is mainly influenced by two things: Subject matter and writing style. Making a graphing calculator would definitely be in the 🟪 difficulty, but if you step through all the steps explaining what they do along the way, then it might not be so complex anymore, and might be more of a 🟥.