[ 📋 ] Good 3D Terrain Combos

This is a wiki for the community. Please follow the forum rules on here and add any combos in the format provided. Do NOT remove other people’s work.

This guide is for good combos for 3D terrain. What I mean by “combo” is two different terrains that look good in 3D format

#1: grass + dirt


#2: purple grass + dirt


#3 dry grass + dirt


#4 Snowy grass + dirt


#5 Purple grass + space rock


#6 Snowy grass + space rock


#7 Snow + space rock


#8 space rock + space (moving or regular)


the next two combos below look better without dips/angles

#1A Concrete + Blastball Court

Screenshot 2024-05-02 3.32.36 PM

#2A Stone (dark) + Stone (light)


Format for new combo

**[#] [top terrain] + [lower terrain]**




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Nice job @SirWyWy
the terrain combos are :fire:
If gimkit added all the terrains to platforming, I can’t see what’ll cook using terrain combos in platforming.


No, you asked a regular to. I misinterpreted the message. I thought you were managing the wiki. Thanks for the great understanding everybody has for me! ;(
Also, thanks to @sirWyWy for understanding. That is a nice change from my usual criticism.


this guide is just as cool as the other one! i really like the snowy grass and dirt combo.
also, consider adding blastball court (top) and concrete (below) as an option? heres how it looks.
Screenshot 2024-04-22 7.37.21 AM