3D Art Library (Post here)

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What does bumping this topic do if it’s already around the top of the feed?


Uh ok so maybe we don’t do that 5 day bumping rule anymore but bumping a topic in 29 mins is too short…


oh, ok, I will keep that in mind. Have to go offline. Bye!

ITS AMAZING! you should do a tutorial how to make it.

I already have. :slight_smile:
How to make 3D terrain [2/10 or :blue_square: ]

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What about how to make an EXPLOSIVE!!!

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i dont get this guide at all (no offense just confused)

it’s a showcase of some 3d art the community makes, which you post in the comments

but wheres the art?

…did you even read the comments or my reply?

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Try reading what you reply to next time


ohhh now i get it
my bad i didn’t understand

might as well read it, because listening/reading is a good skill to have in life, and there’s some really cool art here. and don’t forget,

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Cool. I’ve made a Medieval Marketplace guide with stuff like this, because it uses a lot of 3-d art.

That’s amazing! How long did this take to make?

like 3 minutes on each island

Three minutes?
Dang that’s fast.

wow, 3 minutes? that really is fast.