I need help for room


I dont know it


codes arent allowed deletete the post with the code before u get flagged.

  1. the picture in ur main post has the code .-.
  2. if u want to post codes go on the wixsite
  3. https://gimkitcreative.wixsite.com/game-sharing
    you’re welcome not really but oh well

Sorry guys power cut out

I can rejoin if you want me to

One thing. Add 3D terrain!

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WOuld you be willing to help me do that on my map?

You can’t post codes here.

I will send you the pin and you can help on my map

Sorry man, but it’s against the rules.

No, No, No, I am asking you to j0in my game with me, I can send you the pin,

I did it 10 minutes ago with someone else

You can’t send the pin on the forums. Try the Wix or open up a Padlet.

you should finsh the bridge with walls on it

ok, i shall do that

oh yes a maze is a great idea, also make it breakable for chaos!

also happy sunday guys

Happy Sunday and Mothers Day to you too! :smiley:

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thank you!

Happy mothers day and sunday to you guys as well

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add an abandoned outpost covered in sand+plants…then add bits of rocks, sand, and palm trees+coconuts
maybe little stream(s) of water
add partly buried bits and pieces random props.
some coral.

want to j0in my game?

I need a large group of people to j0in with me