I need help for room

I am making a bridge battle and I have an island in the middle, but don’t know what to put on the center island. This is the area, any ideas

The left is the secondary bridge, the right is the main bridge

a maze.
put a maze.
if you want.

you should put a lot of rocks and trees, and some groundbreaking plants. Basically anything nature that takes up a bit of space.

I dont realy want the maze cause it is supposed to be a little island only, i’ll do the rocks and trees.

Any ideas about an outpost

recommendation: don’t put a straight or almost straight path to the other side

I think you sould make this place like de-ad like a barran wastelands type thing

and if you want put like broken glass or peices of trash.

If I do that, I want like an abandoned outpost

i’ll see what I can do

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Any ideas for the outpost I am making the dead forest right now

you could put a dark spot with barriers with an unseeable button that says something along the lines of " go underground? or something. and then make the button teleport you with channels or wires

Oh like an underground tunnel under the bridge or water

or make a dark spot with , literally anything

alright I’ll do that

that is what it is

Do you want to J0in with me

I’ll send the code

you cant post codes sadly :frowning:
but you are allowed to put the code in your Forums profile summary.


No the pin for my game

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