The Blizzian Bedwars Guide

First of all, yes, this is a wiki, but IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO EDIT. It is for me and me only.
So don’t edit.

Pre-Bedwars Guides:

Part 1: The Map

I made a guide like this a bit ago. Here:
How to make an Accurate Bedwars Map

This is so you can get the shape and size right. VERY IMPORTANT.

Part 2: The Systems

Item Droppers:
Lxian Version
FireFox’s Version(No Blocks, one item)
Rithekd Version
Just saying, in Real Bedwars, the droppers only drop “iron”, so you could just have one item, which would work better, more real, and easier.

How to 'build' a path that you have 'place down' - Difficulty 🟧

Bed System:
Myszian Version
Coolian(Coldian?) Version

Bed Broken! Notification:
The Blizzian Notification System(Bedwars) - #6 by Cyan_Tiger_Reigns

Middle Island Item Generator:
This is different from Item Droppers. This generates every few seconds, and only one item comes out. I’ll help you with this.
You will need:
Repeater 1x
Item Granter 1x
Zone 1x
Wire Repeater 1x

First of all, set the Repeater so it runs a task every 2 seconds. Wire the Zone to the Repeater, starting it when a player enters the zone. Wire the Zone to the Wire Repeater, so that when the player leaves, it triggers it. Wire the WR to the Repeater, Stopping it. Wire the Repeater to your Item Granter. Make sure the Repeater waits for the first task to run before really starting(There’s a setting for that.

Have fun making Bedwars!


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