How to make a Item Spawner like BedWars (Difficulty:🟩)

This one is similar, but mine doesn’t use blocks

  1. Place a zone, item granter, and a repeater
  2. Set the task interval on the repeater to 0.5
  3. Make the repeater stop after receiving on a channel
  4. Wire the repeater to the item granter “Repeater runs task” -----------> “Grant item”
  5. Wire the item granter to the zone “Player enters zone” ---------------> “Grant item”

    You’re done! (you have to go back and forth)

Nice Guide!

1: Don’t forget to add pictures!

2: What about the Repeater though, don’t you need to make the stop strategy When Receiving On Channel but not actually put a channel in it to trick the game into not stopping it?

3: How about the Gold/Iron Ignots Randomization?
You can’t do that without blocks…
(Teleporter noises but blocks are more efficient with lots of items because then you’d need more teleporters)



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Oh yeah forgot to mention that part

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plus about the gold/iron I can just use a different currency

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  1. The poll is rigged, there is 1 voter in 3 sections but 3/10 has only 16% when the others have 17%.
  2. @Haiasi, I think 1977 years is too soon.

Nice guide!


Great guide love how it doesn’t use blocks.
(don’t put your real location in the location section of your profile. Put something silly like “in your walls” or look at other peoples locations and create a sorta sub narrative.)

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Nice guide!

No one’s (most likely not) going to walk up and find your address just from a brief description like “Georgia, Alabama”.

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It narrows the amount of people in the world by about 99%. (But you kinda have a point)

VERY LONG BUDOMP (its been so long)

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