How to Make a Simplified Bed Breaking System


There have been many ways to create a bed-breaking system, some broken, and some useful. However, this method may be the simplest method yet.

How to do it:

Let’s say we have a team [n].

Place down a lifecycle, a trigger, and a team switcher.

The event for the lifecycle should be “Player Knocked Out”.

The trigger should be deactivated on game start, should have no player collision, should be “team-scoped”, and should be not visible in-game.

The team switcher should switch the players to the spectator team.

Wire the lifecycle to the trigger, and the trigger to the team switcher.

Now place down a relay, and it should relay to all players on the team [n].

Wire the bed to the relay, so that when the prop is destroyed, trigger the relay.

Wire the relay to the trigger, so that when the relay triggers, it activates the trigger.

That’s literally it. Basically, you break the connection with the lifecycle and the team switcher by adding a trigger in the middle, so that players don’t become eliminated when their bed isn’t even broken. However, when their bed is broken, the system works again, because the connection between the lifecycle and the team switcher is restored when a player’s bed is broken.


Bedwars systems may seem hard or confusing with properties, but with this method, you only need 5 devices and a couple of wires.

Happy gimkitting, @mysz out.


I thought bedwars was you can’t respawn when your bed was destroyed.

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Yeah, when your bed is destroyed in this guide, you can’t respawn.


Nice bedwars guide, @mysz !

Nice guide, but isn’t this not compatible with tagging?

I mean you could just transmit on the same channel with a tag zone instead of a lifecycle.

But how would this work with a spawn pad, when there is one I keep respawning at team [n] but then when I delete it I spawn at world spawn so it never actually switches me and stops me from respawning

It’s supposed to turn you into a spectator. When the hes breaks, it should activate a triggered that is trigger when you die. That trigger should broadcast to a spectator team switcher.

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Most likely “(Lifecycle) Event Occurs —> (Trigger) Trigger” and “(Trigger) Triggered —> (Team Switcher) Switch Player to Configured Team

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and then the relay activates the trigger instead of triggers it?

How would I make it so they can’t respawn but they don’t get switched immediately.

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When the bed is destroyed, it sets the “BedDestroyed” property to a true value.
When a player is knocked out and just about to respawn, it checks if the BedDestroyed property has a true value and switches the player to spectator.
If you’re asking, “What if the knocked out player’s team’s bed not destroyed?”
Well that’s not a problem, the Knocked Out player will only get switched to spectator if the BedDestroyed property is true.
I know I already said this in the (edited) post but these are different triggers.


Why not use trigger activation states to bypass the check?

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Wasn’t discovered yet.

Wdym? Activation is a very important part of triggers. It defines trigger logic.

I think he means that no one had discovered it yet at the time.

I’ve been using it for well over a month. It’s just that no one likes trigger activation states.

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oh dear, I Floated too high in space and Bumped this guide!


I don’t know, I tried using this and it didn’t work…

@BreathTaking ik how to do it!! I have it in one of my games

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