Why Isn't this working?

OK, so I need help again 2 things so I used @Blizzy 's guide : How to Simulate “Armor” but it doesn’t work for me

Other thing I am using @mysz 's guide How to Make a Simplified Bed Breaking System but it also doesn’t work for me
Screenshot 2024-01-02 6.40.30 PM
Here are the blocks for the triggers they’re all the same except they have different numbers
Screenshot 2024-01-02 7.03.37 PM
and this is the only trigger that has a different block code
Screenshot 2024-01-02 7.06.09 PM
basically the item granters are for when you buy armor it takes iron and emeralds away and for the checkers they just check if you have enough items

This might help.

You might want to mention the wires, channels, blocks, etc.

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? what do you mean mention wires channels blocks do you mean show pics of them?

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show pictures of your wires and device settings so we can identify the problem because we have no idea what is wrong with it

There has been a problem with maps, and it’s that some of your maps might be chosen not to work. I had a map that was supposed to be a tag game, but the devices don’t do anything.

thanks for telling me wait has the problem been fixed?

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