How to get quicker and better answers for your questions [🟩]

Every day, numerous amounts of people go on this forum to answer questions. That’s the whole purpose of it, after all. However, have you ever noticed that the people who want to answer your question have to ask so many questions until they are able to help you resolve your problem? This guide will help you get quicker, and clearer responses for your questions.

(Note: Make sure to check if there is already a post answering your question before you make a new topic!)

There are three types of questions I see the most here:

”How do you do this?”

These questions ask about how to do a certain mechanic. (Like, “How do I use teleporters?”)
You should always specify what exactly you need help with. Let’s look at an example:

“I need help with my capture the flag map”

The people who reply to this topic will need to ask specifically what they need help on, as the only info on there is that they need help on a capture the flag map. The poster just says that they need help on a certain map, but doesn’t specify past that. Here’s how to improve this topic:

“How do you implement the flag system in a capture the flag map?”

The poster states exactly what they need help with, so the replies can easily link a post with an answer or answer the question themselves directly.

”Why is this not working?”

These questions ask about a mechanic that they already attempted but the end result doesn’t go the way they want to. (Like, “Why doesn’t the player scores show up on the leaderboard?”) You should try to give information like how exactly are you trying to do this mechanic. Here’s an example:

“Why doesn’t a person go on the imposter team when the game starts?”

While this states exactly what the poster needs help with, there isn’t much that the repliers can base off when they provide an answer. After all, there ain’t anything about the devices that the poster is using. Here’s how to improve it:

“Why doesn’t a person go on the imposter team when the game starts? I’m using a relay set to random person that’s connected to a team switcher set to team two.”

The repliers can now identify that the poster is missing a lifecycle device.

”What should I do?”

These posts ask what game they should make, what the theme of their game should be, etc. You should state what games you made already and what you are interested in. For instance, someone might suggest you a game you have made already. You can keep that from happening with this example:

“What game should I make? I already made a murder mystery.”

In conclusion, being more descriptive of your questions can help you get quicker and better answers. I hope this guide was helpful. If you have them, please give more tips and I will include them and credit you. Happy Gimkitting!


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If You See It, Flag It
This forum is not for chatting. It is for getting support. You should not post replies if they do not contribute to the question. If you see anything off-topic, flag it. If it is vague, let it be, but please tell them they need more information


Things not to do:

  • posting just for the sake of posting
  • posting if it is unrelated to the post
  • posting short replies
  • use likes instead of posting “+1” or nice topic.

I notice that the forum is more than 50% off-topic posts. If you notice anything wrong, flag it.

Vague Posts

These are posts with not enough information. You should provide as much information as you can on a post. Not doing so will consume time for others.


You should instead post like this:

Hello. I followed the Progressive Gadget Upgrades [🟧] guide and found that it is not working. I don’t understand what is not working, and I have read the guide several times. Thanks.

continues figuring out the issue through rereading of guide


If a topic is already solved, but not marked as solved, don’t post in it since it bumps the discussion and it is unnecessary.

Duplicate topics

Avoid duplicate topics, as for one, you are not going to get help faster, and for two, the forum needs to be kept clean

Things to include when getting support

  • What is wrong with whatever you were doing?
  • Steps you have done so far
  • What your mechanism is

Other Things to Note

  • Please be polite when in a discussion
  • Use the right tags
  • Avoid short posts and replies
  • Flag posts that don’t follow the forum guidelines, this will help staff members see that the person is creating a problem with others

also read: and the topics I have cross-posted with


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