How to make an Accurate Bedwars Map

Sometimes, you just do random sizes for a map, and you, well, are good with that, even though(No offense), it looks horrible.

Let me help you make a more accurate and more even Bedwars Map.

As everyone knows, Bedwars has five islands: 4 at the Corners, and paths that lead to the Middle Island.

For the Corner Islands: Each of them should be 20x20 units. In the middle, a two-unit wide path should lead 20 units from the island. The Islands Connect by the Path. Now, where the two different colored paths connect, lead a two-unit wide path, made of both colors, down to the middle. The Middle Island should be 20x20 units wide as well.

Like that ^

And that ^

That’s how to make an accurate Bedwars Map!


Niiiice guide!

you just be making guides while everyone is arguing about the update :laughing:


Cool Guide! I am actually working on a Bedwars map, and this will definitely be useful to me!

Also, I think I missed the update, I was on vacation. What was it?

go check it yourself, dont want to off topic post…

I was at that post as well, though

yeah i know, but you left…

I added images here :slight_smile:

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looks good!!

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Nice Guide! I’ve never played Bedwars, looks interesting…