The Blizzian Notification System(Bedwars)

Hi! I’m making a New Bedwars Game, and in the process, I’m going to make some guides! So, let me show you how to make a system that only sends a notification to a certain team at a certain time.

You will need:
Notification 4x(1 for each team, just repeat)
Bed 4x(1 for each team, just repeat)
Relay 4x(1 for each team, just repeat)

It’s easy! Now, let’s say you have Team (n). Make each Notification like this:
Title: Your bed was broken!
Content: You only have one life left!

Your Relay:
Specific Team
Team (n)

Wire your Bed → Relay → Notification:
Bed Broken -> Relay -> Send Notification

That’s all, really! Have fun!


Great guide (wow you’re on a roll!)!


You might want to make a tug guide for all blizzy guides.


Nice guide! (Maybe you should add photos.)

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That is WAY too many…
70 guides.

Nice guide, @Blizzy !

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well you have enough to make one…

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Nice guide!

A question for Blizzy

@Blizzy So 7th told me to talk to you about joining DOD. Can I j0in?


Yeah, sure, the link is in my profile. @Magenta_Dragon There’s a password, I’ll tell you later

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Plz read Blizzy

@Blizzy No need I remember 7th posted the password in dragon chat for hat (in a reply). Is making a account on padlet cost money?

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@Magenta_Dragon No, FREE FREE FREE
And let’s stop being off-topic

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