How to Make Players Not Respawn After Something has Been Destroyed | Difficulty: 🟩


If you are making a game where players have something (a crate, a bed, anything) that they want to protect, and when it gets destroyed they won’t respawn, follow this guide.
Note: Heavy credits on @WhoAmI’s guide for lifesteal:

I used the concepts from that guide, make sure to check it out.

Devices Needed:

1x Prop (this is what respawns the team, and when this is broken they don’t respawn)
1x Starting Inventory Device
1x Lifecycle
1x Relay
1x Item Granter
1x Checker
1x Team Switcher


First place down your prop, and make sure damage is on, this will ensure that it can be destroyed. Then place down the starting inventory device, and set it so all players start with one item. It can be any item, but for this guide I will be using water. The Starting Inventory device should look like this:

Next place down an item granter, and a relay. Make the item granter get rid of the water, looking like this:

And make the relay set to the team the prop belongs to (So if it was Team 1’s prop, set the relay to Team 1). Wire the prop to the relay. Prop Destroyed → Trigger Relay. Then wire the relay to the item granter. Relay Triggered → Grant Item.
This will get rid of the water from the team when their prop is destroyed.

Then place down a lifecycle, and set it to When Player Knocked Out. Place down a checker, and make a check checking if water = 0. Alright, now place down a team switcher, and set the team to Spectators. Wire the checker to the team switcher. If Check Fails → Switch Team.


And that is it! All players will have one water at the start of the game, and if their prop is destroyed, they lose their water. If they die and have no water, they get switched to spectators. Hope this guide helped, if it did a :heart: would be appreciated. Have fun!


Wow, we pratically both did it at the same time. This was my idea: Bed system in bedwars - #9 by VALUEX

Read this.

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At the start of the game, the team switcher and the lifecycle are cut off by a deactivated trigger, but once you activate it, the system works.

Oh wow, that’s a lot smarter.
Just one thing, you do have to connect the bed to the relay of the team the bed belongs to, otherwise it activates the trigger for the team who destroyed the bed.

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Yeah, it’s also team-scoped. Thanks!


Really creative guide!

Great guide, @Im_Pretty_Cool!

Nice guide!

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Look behind the bed🛏


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