[ 📰 ] Resources For Every Device

Hello! This is an alternate guide to TUGTED where guides to each individual device shall be placed. (Please feel free to add guides anytime.)


Laser Beam Manager:

End of Game Widget:

Health Granter:



The Ultimate Guide To Every Device (self-explanatory):

The @awesomeT43 Beginner Tutorial series (about most devices):

Editing Status

Is somebody editing?

Update Log

Added update log, the TUGTED series, and the Beginner Tutorial Series guides.

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Doesn’t this exist?


Yeah, but instead of modifying the one post (like TUGTED), I’m just going to be adding guides that talk about a specific device instead.

Wow! Nice resource idea!


@cs3112583 You can put my beginner device guides on here although they are 3 or 4 devices per guide.

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Can you please add them in since it’s a wiki? I don’t know where those guides are…

bump because this is a really good idea :pinched_fingers:

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Try not to bump if there’s been activity within the past 5 days.

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Sorry I didn’t see this earlier but it looks like someone got them.

Yeah, I found them after a bit of searching and added them to the guide.

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