🛠 Beginner Tutorial 4 (Difficulty 2/10)

In this tutorial, I will explain the repeater, health granter, and Vending machine as well as a purchasable healing ability that uses all three. Difficulty :green_square: If you haven’t already I recommend checking out my introduction guide.:hammer_and_wrench: Gimkit Creative Tutorial Introduction


Start Repeater when receiving On- The repeater will start firing when receiving on this channel.
When Task occurs, Transmit On- When the repeater repeats it will transmit on this channel.
Task Interval- How often does the repeater repeat.
Stop Strategy- How will the repeater stop.
Time to Run/Number of Repetitions/Stop Repeater When Receiving On- The repeater will stop after a period of time, after a certain amount of repetitions, or after receiving on this channel.
Max Concurrent Tasks Per Player- How many tasks are happening for each player.
Trigger Task On Start- Does the repeater start when the game starts.

Health Granter

Amount- How much health will be granted.
Grant Type- What type of heath will be granted, Health, Sheild, Health then Sheild.
Grant Health when Receiving On- The health will be granted when receiving on this channel.

Vending Machine
  • Grant Item

    Purchase Action- Whether the vending machine grants an Item or transmits on a channel(for that channel see “When Item Purchased, transmit On” under channels)
    Granted Item- The Item you are buying.
    Granted Item Amount- How many of the item you receive.

  • Transmit On Channel

    Item Image- The Picture shown on the vending machine Image Documentation
    Item Name- The name displayed when you get close to the vending machine.
    Item Description- The subtext shown when you get close to the vending machine.

  • Appearance

    Visible In-Game- Is the vending machine shown while playing
    Interaction Duration- How long it takes to buy something.
    Match Item Rarity- Will the color of the vending machine change to match the rarity of the item sold(gadgets only)
    Exterior Color- The color of the outside part of the vending machine.
    Interior Color- The primary Color of the face of the Vending Macine.
    Rays Color- The secondary Color of the face of the Vending Macine.
    Sound Enabled- Is a sound played when an item is bought.
    Cast Shadow- Is there a shadow below the vending machine.

  • Availability

    Deactivate On Purchase- Automatically turn off the vending machine after use.
    Active On Game Start- Whether or not the vending machine is able to be used when the game begins.
    Active Scope- When it is activated/ deactivated who is it activated/ deactivated for.
    Team Allowed To Purchase- What team can use the vending machine.

  • Adaptive Cost
    Use adaptive Cost- Does the cost change depending on how many players are in the game.
    Adaptive Cost Increase Per Player- How much does the cost change for each player in the game.

  • Stock

    Use Limited Stock- Is there a specific amount of items that can be bought.
    Limited Stock Amount- How many items are there to be bought.
    Limited Stock Scope- Who dose the limited stock apply to.

  • Funding
    Allow Funding- Can the Vending machine be funded.
    Funding Scope- Who does the current funded price apply to.

  • Channels
    When Item Purchased, Transmit On- When an item is purchased this channel will be broadcasted.
    Activate When Receiving On- The vending machine will be activated when receiving on this channel.
    Deactivate When Receiving On- The vending machine will be deactivated when receiving on this channel.
    Attempt to Purchase When Receiving On- An item will be purchased (if they have enough of the required item) for the triggering player when the vending machine receives on this channel.

  • All Options
    Required Item- The item that is needed to purchase something.
    Required Item Amount- How much of the item is needed.
  • Set Up
    This system will grant a player health over time until they are at full health once they buy the heal from the vending machine.

  • Health Granter

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Good job @awesomeT43 ! Great Tutorial!

Noice beginner tutorial! Love the series.

I updated the difficulty.

Thanks, I am planning on making seven more guides containing the rest of the current devices.

You are rocking this, keep up the good work!

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That would be quite helpful for some one like me who does not know devices.


although now that I think about it, they didn’t cover everything you did so…

For real @WolfTechnology

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