A Guide to the Laser Beam Manager | Difficulty: 🟦

Here is how to use the new Laser Beam Manager!


So when you place it down you will see three groups: Laser Group, Activate Lasers, and Deactivate Lasers

When using wires to the manager, you will see two options: Activate and Deactivate
Screenshot 2023-09-10 7.59.55 AM

Notice: You cannot start a wire on the manager

How to use

When you place a laser down you will see there is an option titled Laser Group
Screenshot 2023-09-10 8.04.10 AMScreenshot 2023-09-10 8.04.32 AM

You can set the group to whatever
Try placing down some more lasers set to the same group

Back in your laser beam manager, set the group name to whatever you set the laser group to earlier


Now have a button activate the manager and you are good to go!
Watch the final product down below!


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Great guide! You should add a difficulty! I would say this is :blue_square: .

FYI, Blackhole and I have established that the beginner-must-read tag is just for important forum tips.

Ok cool thanks! Got it now!

Great Guide!

Great guide! The laser manager was just wasted potential though…


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Let’s team up to make a business game: where people compete to get money, business deals, and they can trade. Maybe some bounty hunts in it as well. Or maybe a city sort of game, with food to survive, robbers, stores, police, and corporations. It will probably need 30-40 players, though.

Nice job!

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This was very useful for my map! Thank you!


Your Welcome! I was just creating a map and used it too!

(Uncommanded Rating)
Hey @Jobozo1875, Argo here
Nice tutorial, to be honest I didn’t even know how to work the Laser Beam Manager!
What you Did Well
I like the fact that you decided not to have an intro and just go straight into it. There isn’t really anything you can really write for an intro for this topic as it is like an introduction to the Laser Beam Manager.
What I suggest
I suggest you add more infomation to avoid confusion, but that’s all!
Final Rating
For my final rating, I give this a 9/10! You did well but you didn’t add much infomation, but overall, good job!


Thanks @Argo77 for the rating!

I love how you used the blockquotes to create bars!


Oh yeah Thanks!


Wat the BUMP?!?!?

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Hey, it’s a bit off-topic, but how did you send this video? Isn’t it a webm video? Was it a screen record? I’m asking this because a lot has happened since I couldn’t send a screen recording.