Lasers that alternate on and off! (🟨)

At that point, just use a laser manager.

k, I’m new at devices so I DONT KNOW WAT U R TALKING BOUT. can you help make an updated guide or something to help my sanity?

Laser managers are a new device that was added recently.

Just replace the laser in this guide with a laser manager. @wingwave, can you link TUGTED2?

You got it!


This should explain it very well.


Just a quick warning: this doesn’t always work great with laser beam managers, better with one or two individual lasers or just use channels.


Nice Guide, This Will Be Helpful For My Map!

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It saves memory to use wire repeaters

Can you change the time on the both repeaters, let’s say, to 3 seconds. Is it still gonna work? Bc I don’t want my lasers to take so long to turn on and off.
Edit: I figured it out, but thanks for the answers

Oh and by the way, if you didn’t see the earlier posts, it IS more efficient to use wire repeaters in a clock, I just wrote that guide at a time in which I didn’t know about using them in a clock.


Good guide, but you can only have so many repeaters so it is easier to make a trigger system that has a delay and activates itself and whatever you want to repeat.

also for multiple lasers, use a laser beam manager device

@GimkitNerdlul, please read my earlier posts. I stated that it is rather glitchy if you use a manager.

Yes, i am saying this for if you want 10 or more lasers, as while it will be glitchy, it will probably use less memory if you are making a big map. Sorry if i am criticizing you, I’m not meaning to. Have a great day!

Thanks for the guide Dragontamer! I have it on my map.

Thank you for clarifying. However, if you simply use channels, then you can eliminate the need for wires or a manager. Just have each repeater running to a trigger. One trigger sets them all on, the other sets all the lasers off. I also apologize if I sounded rude earlier.

It doesn’t work, can you go over it again

you can use triggers to thou

So the way this works is it has two repeaters going at the same time, one a half-step behind the other because of the wire repeater. The two repeaters send signals directly to a laser or a trigger with channels, with one turning the lasers on and the other turning them off.

Hope that helps!