On and off lasers made easy


take out a lifecycle, 2 repeaters, and some lasers
wire the life cycle to each of the repeaters
Event occurs > start repeater

Lifecycles and Repeaters

set the event the lifecycle listens for to game start
Screenshot 2023-11-22 1.46.36 PM

set the repeaters to the following settings

note" the numbers do not have to be 3 and 5 they just have to be different numbers


set the lasers to the following settings

you’re done! hopefully this guide will help people who don’t know how to use lasers

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Isn’t this in this guide?

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please credit people who has made this same guide, @Foxy , (ex. me) but nice guide!

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and yes, I did add that in that guide

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Sorry last time I checked you didn’t quote anyone on your guide @Aubec7

wait, what?

you never quoted anyone on your laser guide

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because there was nobody TO quote…

Also, that was my FIRST guide

you aren’t the only person who has made a guide on lasers

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dude, just quote some people bro! It doesn’t matter what I did, that was my first post, give me a break, please at least quote one person

this is also my first guide so I can say the same “give me a break”


Everyone, please get back on topic.


good guide, but there is a small bug related to this post

Note that if the players stay inside of the laser vicinity, the lasers will only damage them once despite the on and off function

on the other hand, it is still a good guide. a :heart: for u!

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Thanks, unfortunately I don’t know how to fix that bug without consuming too much memory

the bug wont matter if the lasers deal enough damage to one-shot

Nice guide! Can’t you just make a wire repeater clock instead of the repeaters? Repeaters are very useful in many situations, but they also come with a cost: a placement limit of 10.


Nice guide!

wait they do???
oh no
ive already used like 3 in my map

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Also they’re a bit memory intensive


testing whether or not “hide details” can stack

testing 1… 2… 3…

did this work?