I need ideas for traps in a deathrun that's not just lasers or sentries

The title explains it all

Maybe sentries
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Welcome to the forums @yaypoke624x

How was the fall?

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I would suggest use zones that activate certain things when the zones are active.

Welcome to the forums @yaypoke624x! I suggest some sentries. This would provide a challenge as the players need to fight the sentries while waiting for the lasers to stop for a little.

Lava pit, snake pit, scorpion pit, trap door, rolling boulder, and falling axes.

Hold up wat? Only the lava pit and trap door are possible of that? (And sort of the rolling border using text + alot of math, but that’s a purple box level creation at least, and a good 70% of gimkit creators I’ve seen can’t make it). I guess falling axes is also sort of possible, but not a snake pit or scorpion pit. There’s a limit to text math for animation lol.

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Anyway @yaypoke624x , here’s a list of not too hard ideas for a death run (at least in terms of level of knowledge required).

  • Using teleporters or a maze for a puzzle as you use rising text (or text that goes sideways, which I can make a guide for if you need me to) to simulate lava.
  • A crafting challenge to progress. You’d give the player a bunch of items, when they enter a zone (triggerable 1 time per player), and a barrier that needs a keycard. That keycard is craftable with a bunch of different craftable items, the player has to figure out what they need. You can also make them craftable in reverse, so then you could have items you don’t need in there, wasting the players time. For a death timer, you could use a game overlay to show a timer they have to advance, or the lava idea from before.
  • Soccer (sort of), where there’s a goal zone on the right and the player is given a gun. However either a bot behind the goal or another player (if this is a runner vs. someone triggering traps) will shoot at the ball as a goalie. The ball has to enter the zone to allow the runner to continue. You could use a time-limit like before, or just place a bunch of sentries up high to shoot at the player.
  • A maze or pathway that’s surrounded by lasers where the player would have to move precisely or die and respawn at a checkpoint at the beginning. (You could also use zones that are wired or broadcast to a player respawner/teleporter to the beginning).

If you need more ideas I can think of some, but these are some fun basic ideas, and past this it’ll get alot harder to make.



ground breaking plants that deal damage?

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Ooh that’s a good one! Not sure how you’d polish it to look smooth though… Hmmmm…

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Don’t worry about it! I didn’t take it that way lol. I just know people who would take it that way, and was saying to be careful. (It really is fine lol)

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The snake and scorpion pits can be used. Just use laser to deal constant damage. And the animation won’t be too bad as long as the pit isn’t huge.

trap has most of the guides about traps
@Blizzy has also made a tug for them

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So you mean like a picture of a snake/scorpion over a laser? I don’t see how that could be polished to a high standard really…

No, the lasers do damage, and you use emojis and move them around.

Welcome to the forum! @yaypoke624x

Maybe use sentries and Zone devices that change speed to troll players

But you can’t really get smooth movement with emoji’s? The limit is the text size/space size, and you can’t balance out a nice emoji of a snake (24 font size) with a font size of 6 for the closest to smooth movement…