How To Deactivate Un-deactivatable Devices. Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦

This is one of the easiest guides.

Say you want to deactivate a counter that decrements after a repeater runs a task, but you don’t know how, and there’s no option to in the settings.

Well, all you have to do is wire the repeater to a trigger, and the trigger to a counter. Make it so that when receiving on a channel, it deactivates the trigger, therefore cutting off the connection from the repeater to the counter.

What about deactivating a lifecycle?

Well, all you have to do is make it so that the lifecycle only is activated, when a trigger triggers. You can now set this trigger to trigger on receiving the channel the lifecycle would’ve received. Then, you can deactivate that.

I hope you enjoyed this guide!

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if i use a laser instead of a counter it dont work

The thing with lasers is that they aren’t devices that trigger something, they are devices that constantly do their task. If you just sever connections with the thing that activates the laser while it’s active, that won’t do anything. I think you can directly connect wires to the laser to deactivate it.

So how would you do a knockout manager, for example, to “deactivate it” so people can hold more than the limit on the manager.

Are you telling me we have found the 1-frame repeater?

Do you mean item manager? I don’t think there is a way to deactivate it as it runs its task constantly. I did some testing and found out that you can activate another manager to override it. However, you still have to make it so there is a limit, as for some reason the newer manager doesn’t override the old one if I turn off the item limit.

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This uses a cool aspect of trigger activation states. BUMP.

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Well, they do now. Set the lasers to do 0 damage and make it so that when laser is triggered broadcast message on channel.